We Believe in Alberta Authors and Artists!

At Pandora’s Boox & Tea our focus is used books and loose tea. However, we find that there is a VAST amount of incredible talent in the writing field in our own back yard. It’s because of our love for Alberta authors and artist that we have decided to also carry new books with a special focus on creators born or living in Alberta. Below you will find the information needed to get your work on our shelves!

Our Consignment Terms for creators.

Pandora’s Boox and Tea accepts books and artwork that are not available through regular distribution in Canada. Our focus is solely Alberta talent, however, acceptance is at the discretion of Pandora’s Boox & Tea staff. The follow conditions will be taken into consideration before accepting books.

Alberta Author Signing

  • Quality of content/print must meet current publishing guidelines.
  • Books must be properly bound, published and have a copyright and ISBN*
  • We prefer to work with vendors that have a registered company and GST registration #.
  • Contents of the books are not deemed to be offensive by community standards and are in compliance with company policy of censored print material**

* An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) can be obtained from the National Library of Canada. Their website has additional information and can be found at

** There are three types of materials we would absolutely not carry in our stores no matter the consequence: child pornography; written material with explicit instructions on how to create weapons; and written material which has as its sole intent inciting people toward the annihilation of a particular group in society.


What are your commission rates?

The author/artist agrees to receive 75% of the final selling price of each item. This will be added to your account. You may have the account credit to shop at Pandora’s Boox & Tea or you may request a cheque for the full balance of your consigning credit. Cheques will only be written when your account credit balance exceeds $20.00.

What price will you sell my book for and will I have control?

YES!  The creator has the right to set the retail price of the item and Pandora’s Boox agrees to sell the item at the price set by the author. Items must come shelf ready with prices tags in place. Product placement and number of books accepted is at the discretion of Pandora’s Boox & Tea staff.

When and how often will I get paid for sales?

Pandora’s Boox & Tea will issue cheques upon request, not more than once each month for items that have sold. Cheques will only be issued when your account credit balance exceeds $20.00. You may inquire about your account credit balance and request a cheque at any time.

Whose responsible for loss or damage?

Pandora’s Boox & Tea is not responsible for any theft or damage of books displayed in the store. However, they agree to take the utmost care of the products displayed in the store.

Can I remove my book or piece if I want them back?

Yes!  The author/artist has the right to pick up their books and remove them from the store at any time during the contract with no notice.

What happens when you don’t want to carry my work anymore?

Pandora’s Boox & Tea has the right to accept, decline, or discontinue the products displayed in the store at any time. If the author/artist is asked to pick up their books they will be stored for 14 days. If the author does not arrange to pick up their product during that fourteen days then the items will be donated or discarded.

How will you decide whether or not to accept books?

We believe in Alberta talent! We want to feature your books and support your goals. We make our decision based on demand in our community and which items we feel will be well accepted. That being said, we love to expose people to new forms of literature.

Can I do a launch or signing?

Absolutely! We’d love you to read your work and share your passion with our community. Just email us if you’d like to setup a launch or book signing. We prefer a month in advance minimum so we have plenty of time to promote your event in the community.